26th July 2021

Basic Glass Painting. Flood filling.

Basic Glass Painting Video Demo
Basic Glass Painting

Basic Glass Painting. Flood filling.

This video shows you the very basics of painting with Glass Paints. It shows the “flood fill” method of glass painting which is used on flat areas.

If you would like a copy of the sheet used in this video CLICK HERE . Once the image has opened just right click on it and save on to your computer.

This is one of the first glass painting videos we ever made.  It shows basic glass painting skills using the flood fill method. This method is done flat. Whenever possible it is always best to do your glass painting flat. It gives you a much better finish.  You can let the paint flow and get a flat smooth finish.

In practice terms this may mean working on glass painting film or remove in object (window, door) whilst you work on it.

Learn Basic Glass Painting Techniques
Basic Glass Painting Techniques

It is possible to work on curved objects and you will find a guide later on which does this. Unfortunately the finish you get wont be quite as good.

Working flat and flood filling also enable you to blend and mix paints on the work. Again there other guides on this site which show how to do this. You wont always want to do this. There are times when big blocks of solid look best.

What ever type of glass painting you do we hope you enjoy it and find this basic glass painting video useful . We are here to help so please make use of the forum or the comments box below if you have any questions. We will try and answer them as quickly as we can.

(We realise that this is an old video and the quality is not as good as it could be. We will be going through and reshooting all our videos as time allows).


2 thoughts on “Basic Glass Painting. Flood filling.

  1. Hi there Bob,

    Fantastic video! Thankyou for your efforts. I tried my first window cling today using some peelable paints. I had a few questions as I think I encountered a few problems.

    1. When I was outlining sometimes the tube didn’t flow very well..and then eventually it did….but initally it came out black and then a bit of clear and a pop of air..is this quite normal or does the bottle need a more vigorous shake than I gave it.

    2. When I was flood filling. I filled each section up quite full but looking in the light at the finished item I can see I have left a few tiny gaps..can I go back and refill these in?

    3. Also,with the final product I have noticed in the light some sections are thicker and come bits aren’t. The colours are all a bit uneven. Is there are way to get the colours evenly spread? For instance, would using a lights help?

    Thankyou kindly for your responses,


    1. Hi Kari,

      1. It certainly sounds as if the outliner has separated a bit and has some air in. I would certainly gave it a more vigorous shake, maybe get something in there and give it a stir first as well. After that you will need to leave it a day or so for the air bubbles o come out. A few gentle taps on a work top would help that. (You could also think about using a piping bag, it’s easier to control from that.

      2. You can but it’s not going to look as good as getting it right first time. If it’s an on going issue for you then I’d highly recommend using a lightbox. https://www.glasspainting.co.uk/glass-painting-equipment/using-a-lightbox-for-glass-painting

      3. Unfortunately this is just a “quality” of the thicker peelable paints, they are very difficult to get a smooth finish with as they don’t flow as well as other paints. (in fact you can get a rather nice “mottled” effect with the when used roughly). You can try using a cocktail stick and run it back and forward through the paint as soon as you’ve finished a section to smooth it down as much as possible. If you don’t want to actually peel the paints then it is possible to get a better finish. Have a look at this article: https://www.glasspainting.co.uk/glass-painting-guides/working-with-thick-waterbased-glass-paints

      Hope that all help but do come back to me if you have any more questions or if you need any of the above clarifying.

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