9th June 2021

Layering Outliner Technique

Layering Outliner Technique.

Layering Outliner Technique.
Layering Outliner Technique.

A slightly unusual glass painting technique as it is all about outlining and not painting. We call it the Layering Outliner Technique.

Up to six layers of different coloured outliner are used to build up this unique look. The technique is demonstrated by Alan Gear from Rainbow Glass (Alan and Barrys Crafts). This is a great technique for making items such as picture frames etc.

The layering outliner technique takes a certain level of experience with outlining and is perhaps better suited to those who have been doing it for a while.

It is quite easy to end up with something which looks “bad” using this technique. It takes a good eye and a steady hand to produce a good finish. Take it slowly. If you make a mistake you would be best leaving it to dry, cutting it out, then redoing the area.

Obviously the same technique can be used on other objects as well as the picture frame. Maybe a vase, candle holder or some such thing.

A video of the Layering Outliner Technique
Layering Outliner Technique.

This project will test even the most experienced glass painter. Many already find the outlining the most difficult part of the craft.  Just take your time with it and don’t worry if you end up washing the whole thing of and starting again. (As long as the object is suitable, soak for a couple of hours in some warm water. The outliner should then just lift off).

If you don’t feel confident enough in your outlining skills to attempt this then you can always try a bit of practice first.  Print out the parallel lines, place this under a sheet of acetate and practice away.

A final hint. Some of the outliners available flatten and spread a little when you use them. These aren’t good for this technique. You really need one which retains its shape so you get distinct lines in your work.


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