21st October 2020

Dolphin Suncatcher. Glass Painting

Glass Painted Dolphin Suncatcher.
Dolphin Suncatcher.

Glass Painting: Dolphin Suncatcher.

Glass Painting a flat roundle with a dolphin on it. Outliner is by Rainbow Glass (Alan and Barrys Crafts) and the Paints are Rainbow Glass Solvent based Paints. Unfortunately Rainbow Glass no longer exists but there is no reason you can’t make this design with alternative paints and outliner. In fact we have several times.

The paint used at the end to give the mottled effect on the edge is a thick clear glass paint. I believe this particular one is made by Plaid (Gallery Glass).

Dolphin Suncatcher
Glass Painted Dolphin Suncatcher.

This is actually quite a simple project to do but we have put it in the guides section as it shows a number of technique.

  • If you don’t already have one you will need to make the blank roundle. There are instructions for that elsewhere in this Guides section.
  • 2. Download the design which you will find in our designs section.
  • Please the design under the blank roundle and copy it using the outliner.
  • Paint the design using the flood fill method. Blending the paints for the water area and using single blocks of colour for the dolphin itself.
  • Finish off by mottling the edge with a thick clear glass paint. This needs to be put on roughly in order to get the right effect. Too smooth and it wont show at all.

In the video you will notice that they add “plastic granules” ┬áby dropping them in to the wet paint. Personally I don’t particularly like this effect. I can think of some occasions where it might look good. Painting a star for instance. But on the whole I think things like the dolphin look better without.

Obviously this video only shows a single design. We have lots more roundle designs on the site (in the designs section obviously). So feel free to download any of them and give them a go.

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