24th May 2024

Lesson 6. Glass Painting a Vase.

Glass Painting a Vase.
Glass Painting a Vase.

We thought it was time for another project so in this lesson we are glass painting a vase. We have made it easier than normal because, as you will quickly notice the vase has flat sides rather than rounded ones. Don’t worry we will get to rounded surfaces before too long but for the first vase we decided that a flat sided one was better.

Likewise we have chosen quite a simple design, although as usual you are free to pick your own and decide how complicated or simple you would like it to be.  Cartoons and cartoon characters are normally quite good for glass painting. They tend to be clear lined with nice blocks of colour.

Whist you can chose whatever design you like I do tend to stay away from normal floral designs as most vases are going to have flowers put in them sooner or later. The exception would be highly stylised flowers such as the Rennie Macintosh.

Lesson 6. Glass Painting a Vase.

Dolphin Tile Design.
An alternative to the Simpsons design. This should be resized to suit your vase sie..

Materials and Equipment.

  • Flat sided vase.
  • Outliner.
  • Greaseproof paper (if you want to make a piping bag).
  • Glass Paints.
  • Design.
  • Craft Knife.
  • Paint Brush.


  • The first thing to do is make your design.You can either do this in a graphics program or by hand. I chose to do the former. After measuring the vase and creating a template the correct size I searched in google for a suitable image. Once found I saved it to my computer and then pasted it into my template. After that it was a matter of resizing, getting rid of the colours to create an outline and printing it off.This time I did manage to remember to make the outline green.
  • The design was then stuck to the inside of the vase using blu-tack.
  • Next outline the design. I used a piping bag.
  • Once the outliner has dried you can start painting. First ensure the vase is completely FLAT, use a spirit level.
  • Use the flood-fill method to do one colour at a time. Let each go at least tacky dry before you move on to the next.
  • Once you have finished painting leave it at least a day (preferably two) until it is completely dry.


This is quite a simple project although this is mainly due to the design we chose.  You can chose a more complicated design and you feel that you would like something more challenging.

p.s. Please Note. I am unable to provide you with the actual Simpsons design as it is covered by copyright. However if you want this design or something similar a quick search on google images should provide you with what you need. CLICK HERE.

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