24th May 2024

Art on Glass. Nicola Burgess

Art on Glass. Nicola Burgess.

A short article from Nicola Burgess from Art on Glass.

She describes how she started with glass painting and show us some examples of her work.

Art on Glass: faces glass painted
Art on Glass.

[ Editors note: My wife introduced me to Nicola who I then asked to write a short piece for the site about her work.

When I received the pictures I was amazed at the standard of the work. Her work is truely an inspiration. When attending shows I have often heard “artists” talking down about glass painters. However I think Nicola truly shows the standard of work which can be achieved with this medium. Please visit her site listed at the end of this article to see more examples of her her work].

Several years ago I painted a glass box for my daughters milk teeth, friends and family started requesting boxes for their children’s teeth, after doing about a hundred I got decidedly bored so stretched myself to painting on small sheets of glass. I still have these small sheets, locked away out of sight, I keep them to remind myself, not so much of how rubbish I was when I first started glass painting but rather to recognise how much I have and continue to improve and develop.

Abstract CoupleIt seems to me that I have two clear choices on how to spend my spare time, I can obsess about my lack of whatever or stare at yet another grey hair in disbelief or I can do something more enjoyable and constructive like getting totally absorbed into a world of creativity, sublimation, colour, excitement, challenge, enthusiasm, problem solving and reward. From a small box and a couple of messy bits of glass I have enjoyed exhibiting home and abroad.

Art on Glass: Glass Painted Peacock
Art on Glass.

I do the occasional commission and NewArt Gallery at Barleylands Craft village have, like my family and Rainbow Glass, been incredibly supportive, so if you are just starting or thinking about glass painting, my advice is; Put the fear and the books on techniques down, pick up a brush, sponge or pipet and just “Go for it”.

Nicola Burgess.







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