Small Silicone Rubber Solid Paint Brushes.


Set of 5 small Silicone Rubber Solid Paint Brushes for use in glass painting and other crafts. Length 17cm, head diameter 3mm (both approx).

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Small Silicone Rubber Solid Paint Brushes.

Small Silicone Rubber Solid Paint Brushes.

A set of 5 Small Silicone Rubber Solid Paint Brushes to use in your glass painting.  You will see brushes like these featured in many of our videos. In fact if you want to see one of these exact brushes being used you should view the second part of our glass painting course.

These brushes are best used for flat, flood fill glass paintings. What makes them so good is they are so easy to clean. One wipe of a piece of kitchen towel is normally all you need. This makes them especially useful when you are using multiple colours. You can switch between them easily without worrying about cross contamination.

Glass Painting Brushes.

Glass Painting Brushes.

These are quite a small version of this type of brush and most suited to smaller work.  The total length is approximately 17cm which the heads are approximately 3mm in diameter.

Summery. Small Silicone Rubber Solid Paint Brushes.

[I have been using this style of brush for over 10 years and highly recommend them. Thy used to be quite expensive but there are now quite a lot of cheap copies coming around so the price has dropped dramatically. The hassle they save with cleaning brushes between colour or using multiple colours is great.]


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