Pots for Solvent Based Glass paints.


5 x 30ml pots for solvent based glass paints. includes bottle tops and liners.

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Pots for solvent based Glass Paints.

Pots for solvent based Glass Paints.

5 x 30ml pots for solvent based glass paints. These pots have been tested with  Pebeo, Lefranc & Bourgeois and Marabu glass paints (if you intend to use other brand paints we suggest you do you own test first. Please let us know if you have any issues). Each pot has a liner in the cap to ensure they are airtight.

You can use these pots for several things:

  • Mixing Paints to make new colours.
  • Mixing white pearl and coloured paints to make new colour pearls.
  • Adding clear to transparent paints to make them lighter.
  • Decanting from larger paint bottles.

These are always useful to have around. They can of course be used for waterbased paints as well although we do have other pots which are more suitable for them. You will see these pots in many of our videos where we use them for both lightening paints and for mixing colours with Pebeo Fantasy white.

For those who like the technical details these are PET plastic which is what makes them suitable for solvent paints when some other plastic bottles aren’t.


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