20th May 2024

Which Glass Paint Should I use?

Which Glass Paint Should I use?
Which Glass Paint Should I use?

This is the most common question I get asked, which glass paint should I use? There is really no simple answer. To a great extent it depends on what type of glass painting you want to do.

There are several types of glass paint out there. In addition to that there are lots of different brands with some brands supplying several types whilst others just make one. Hopefully the information below will give you some ideas about which paint you should be using.

Which Glass Paint Should I use?


Which Glass Paint Should I use?
Which Glass Paint Should I use?

Thick Waterbased Glass Paint.

This is a popular type of glass paint which is mainly used to make peel-offs. It can also do “normal” glass painting although it is more diffucult to get a smooth finish than with the flowing paints. It also makes it more difficult to blend paints on the glass. The result can’t be washed but it can be wiped down with damp cloth to clean it.

The most popular brand is Gallery Glass by Plaid. It deserves this as it is a really good paint but not the cheapest by far.

Flowing Glass Paints.

You can buy both solvent based and water based flowing glass paints. On the whole the solvent based paints tend to give a better finish. They are certainly more transparent. For this reason I mainly stick to the solvent based ones.  With one exception there is nothing the waterbased ones can’t do anything which the solvent ones can’t and, as they don’t look as good as the sovent ones. I can see no reason too use them. (if anyone has a good reason why they would use them please do let me know, I really am intersted).

The one exception is the Pebeo Vitrea 160. This is a waterbased glass paint which can be oven baked. Once baked it is then dishwasher proof. This is the only paint of any type which can do this. I use this paint for glasses, dishes etc. Basically anything which is actually used and therefore requires regular, good washing. Although I haven’t tested it yet I think this would also be a good paint to use on anything which is going to be placed outside.


If you want to make “peel-offs” then you will have to use one of the thick waterbased paints. For most other work I’d recommend a flowing solvent based paint, the only exception being items you want to be dishwasher proof (when you should use the Vitrea 160).


We do have another article which goes into the different types of glass paint which you will find here:



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