Resizing an image in GIMP.
Glass Painting Catch-Up

Well it’s been quite a while since we had a newsletter so there is a lot to catch up on. The community group on Facebook is getting very busy . If you haven’t managed to visit yet please spare a bit of time to do so. I think you, like me, will be amazed by […]

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Working with Thick Waterbased Glass Paints.
Glass Painting Questions.

When it’s been quite a while since our last glass painting newsletter. so I need to start this one by wishing everyone a belated Happy New Year. (even though a we are now 2 months in). The New Year brings a new section for the site: “Glass Painting Questions”. In this section we aim to […]

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Making Christmas Decorations with Peelable Glass Paint.
Glass Painting Christmas Special.

We thought we’d bring out a glass painting Christmas special as we have released a couple of Christmas themed projects lately. Also Christmas is a great time for Glass Painting, you can make Christmas decorations, Christmas presents and even Christmas cards. I am assuming this will be the last newsletter for 2018 so I’d like […]

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Christmas Lantern Project.
Christmas Glass Painting and more.

Well this week we have the first of a small series featuring Christmas Glass painting. In the coming weeks we will have several more Christmas projects using both solvent and thick waterbased glass paints. It’s actually a little while since we had a newsletter so we have 3 great articles for you. There’s a Christmas […]

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Finished Glass Painted Round Vase.
Tips for Glass Painting.

  Well that’s the end of this weeks newsletter. We hope you are enjoying the improvements to the videos. Please remember we also enjoy and appreciate  (constructive) comments, likes, thumbs ups, shares, questions and other types of feedback. If you have an suggestions for aspects of glass painting or glass painting projects you would like […]

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Free Software for Glass Painters.

Another newsletter with rather diverse content. It includes 3 pieces of free software for glass painters (well not specifically for glass painters but software they should find useful), plus the second part of Chess Board Table project and a Window Design using peelable glass paints. As you have read in the initial email we’ve been […]

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2 Glass Painting Projects.
2 Glass Painting Projects and More.

Well it seems like every time I send out a newsletter I say it’s “packed” but that is true yet again with this one. Below you will find information on 2 glass painting projects and more. The more being two articles/videos on using a pen in your glass painting. You will have noticed (maybe) that […]

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Free patterns for Glass Painting.
Free Design and patterns for Glass Painting.

Well a varied newsletter this week, mainly associated with free designs and patters. We have part 5 of our online lessons, looking at glass painting equipment plus a great new project, shaped sun catchers. Fir the free designs and patterns for glass painting we have an article and video about where to find designs (plus […]

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Adhesive Lead Suncatcher.
Staple Glass Painting Projects.

This week we have two staple glass painting projects for you. One is a light catcher and the other is a wine glass. These have to be two of the most popular glass painting projects we have ever done. Many people start glass painting by making light catchers as they are flat and a good […]

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