Free Online Glass Painting Course.

Online Glass Painting Course.

This is our multi part glass painting course. Suitable for both beginners and improvers it will take you right through from “what is glass painting” to creating wonderful craft items.

To start with Glass Painting is quite a simple craft. You place a design under your material (glass, perspex, plastic or whatever), copy it using a liquid outliner and then fill in the sections with a transparent glass paint. However from that simple beginning you can develop a range of techniques and use different material to create many different items and many different look. You can go for the traditional sudo stained glass effect through to much more modern and “brutal” designs. The choice is yours.

[N.B.  Please ignore the dates on the course sections below. I had to play with them so the course appeared in the correct order!]

A fantastic Grecian Lady Mirror.

This is the introduction both for our online glass painting course and for our YouTube channel. Glass Painting is a great craft which you can use to make a whole range of items in an endless number of styles. You can go from small flowery…

First Glass Painting Project.

Well we thought it was time for our first glass painting project in this online course.  We’ve obviously chosen something quite simple, which uses the skills from the first two lessons and doesn’t require too much in the way of equipment. We hope you like…