A fantastic Grecian Lady Mirror.
Glass Painting Course. An Introduction.

This is the introduction both for our online glass painting course and for our YouTube channel. Glass Painting is a great craft which you can use to make a whole range of items in an endless number of styles. You can go from small flowery lightcachers through to Art Deco windows and doors. For those […]

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Free Online Glass Painting Course..
Glass Painting Course Lesson 1. Basic Outlining

We are starting our course with a lesson on basic outlining. Probably the part of glass painting which most people have an issue with. The outlining is important. Do it well and the painting will just follow but if it looks “poor” it won’t matter how well you paint the piece, it will still look […]

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Small Silicone Rubber Solid Paint Brushes.
Glass Painting Course Lesson 2. Basic Flood Fill Painting.

In this second part of the glass painting course we look at basic flood fill painting. This is the basic method used in glass painting. It needs to be done flat and is suitable for virtually any non-porous surface. This includes¬† glass, plastic, perspex, acetate, tile, mirror and more. It gives a lovely smooth finish […]

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First Glass Painting Project.
Lesson 3. First Glass Painting Project.

Well we thought it was time for our first glass painting project in this online course.¬† We’ve obviously chosen something quite simple, which uses the skills from the first two lessons and doesn’t require too much in the way of equipment. We hope you like the end result. This project includes 3 designs which we […]

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Blend of Pebeo Vitrail, Fantasy Moon and Fantasy Prisme.
Lesson 4. Working with Solvent Glass Paints.

In this lesson we look at working with Solvent based glass. Most people, when they start glass painting, will stick to a single transparent colour per section. This is fine and gives a nice effect however there is a range of other effects you can achieve to give your work a different look. Most of […]

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Glass Painting Equipment.
Lesson 5. Glass Painting Equipment.

We have quite a few articles on Glass Painting Materials but in this one we will be looking at some glass painting equipment. Things which will make your glass painting easier and help you get a higher standard of finish. Some of the items are common craft products which you may well already have in […]

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Glass Painting a Vase.
Lesson 6. Glass Painting a Vase.

We thought it was time for another project so in this lesson we are glass painting a vase. We have made it easier than normal because, as you will quickly notice the vase has flat sides rather than rounded ones. Don’t worry we will get to rounded surfaces before too long but for the first […]

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Advanced Outlining.
Lesson 7. Advanced Outlining for Glass Painters.

In this article/video we are looking as some more advanced outlining. It’s a bit of a mix of tips and techniques but hopefully everyone will get something out of it. Outlining is consistently the part of glass painting which most people seem to have difficulty with and I will include myself in that number. In […]

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Lesson 8. Design in Glass Painting.

Design in Glass Painting is an area in which some people struggle and other excel, I’m in the former camp. However one of the great things about glass painting is you don’t have to be a great designer. (although if you are good at design you can use it). Some people, including a lot of […]

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