Reverse Glass Painting
Reverse Glass Painting. C.Dowson.

Reverse Glass Painting. (or Reverse Painting on Glass). This is a special page on all about the art of “Reverse Glasspainting”. We would like to credit and thank Mr Charles Dowson who has supplied all the information and pictures on this page. It is his enthusiasm which has brought this fantastic area of work […]

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Glass Painting by Arthur Vanson.
Arthur Vanson Glass Painting.

Arthur Vanson.   I started glass painting a little over two years ago. The method I employ is the only one I’ve ever used so, I think it might be sensible to say that any comments I make about other methods, are a matter of perception, not experience. It was an idea of my cousin, […]

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Glass Painted Peacock
Art on Glass. Nicola Burgess

Art on Glass.┬áNicola Burgess. A short article from Nicola Burgess from Art on Glass. She describes how she started with glass painting and show us some examples of her work. [ Editors note: My wife introduced me to Nicola who I then asked to write a short piece for the site about her work. When […]

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