OK this isn’t a real shop. We don’t intend to sell lots of items, not in the short term anyway. What we do intend to do is sell the odd items which are either difficult to get hold of or which we can offer some sort of special deal on.

Due to postage I’m afraid this is for UK ONLY at the momnet although this may change at a latter date.

Our site is not sucure so all details are handled through Pay Pal (which is obviously secure). You don’t have to have a Pay Pal account to use Pay Pal. You can pay through them by Credit Card if you prefer.

If you have any questions please just contact us using the contact form or by emailing admin@glass painting.co.uk.

Glass Painted Fish Bowl.

Buy Adhesive Glass Painting Film. UK ONLY. We have a limited amount of glass painting film for sale. Unfortunately due to the postage we can only sell this for delivery to UK addresses. Glass painting film adds a completely new dimension to your work. It…