Glass Painting Projects

Our selection of glass painting projects. Each contains a step by step guide and/or a video. The designs used in weach project can be downloaded for free off the site.

Glass Painted Lantern.

Glass Painted Lantern. Faux Stained Glass.

Project to make a Glass Painted Lantern, or a Faux Stained Glass lantern if you prefer. The project uses solvent based glass paints and outliner.

Step by step Framed Suncatcher Project

Framed Suncatcher Project

Framed Suncatcher Project with step by step guide and two videos + templates and designs to download for free. Make one of our designs or one of your own.

Chikdrens Glass Painting Project

Childrens Glass painting Project

Here we have a childrens glass painting project. It can be adapted to suit different age groups & different times of the year. A great standby for wet days.

Glass Painted Dolphin Vase

Glass Painted Dolphin Vase

This is our glass painted dolphin vase project. Basing it on a flat sided vase makes it a fairly simple project suitable for glass painters of all abilities

Glass Painted Clock Project.

Glass Painted Clock

A great glass painted clock project suitable for people who have done a bit of glass painting before. Design can be downloaded from the site for free..

Glass Painted Candle Holder Project.

Glass Painted Candle Holder Project.

Here is a simple Glass Painted Candle Holder which is fun for both adults and children. The project can be made with an thick water-based glass paint.

Glass Painting Portrait Project

Glass Painting Portrait Project

Here is our Glass Painting Portrait project. It's a work in progress but gives you the basic idea on how it can be done. No outlining involved in this piece

Glass Painted Card Project

Glass Painted Card Project

This is a very simple Glass Painted card project. There is no outlining involved as the project uses a peel off so is suitable for those who can't outline.

Glass Painting Card Project step by step guide.

Glass Painting Card Project 2

Our second glass painting card project. Video plus instructions. Designs used can be downloaded for free off the site. Suitable for beginners & experienced.

Glass painted sun catcher

Glass Painted Suncatcher Project

A small glass painted suncatcher project using a Peel Off and Marabu Decorglas Paints. Perfect both for beginners and more experienced glass painters.

Glass Painted Lantern Project.

Glass Painted Lantern Project,Sun and Moon.

A Glass Painted Lantern project including a step by step guide and plenty of photos. Designs used in the project can be downloaded of the site for free.