Empty pots and measures for Sale.

Empty pots and measures. For Sale

We ordered these Empty pots and measures for ourselves but could only get them from the manufacturer in bulk, hence selling off the spares.  This is the first time we have sold anything on glasspainting.co.uk and whilst we wont be going into this full time we may from time to time sell glass painting equipment which is difficult to get your hands on otherwise (as in this case).

Please note:

  1. We will only be selling them in the UK at the moment. This is due to the postage.  If you live outside of the UK and are desperate please contact us saying which country you are in and we’ll see if we can get an estimate for the postage. (In all honesty I think you will find the postage is more than the pots are worth).
  2. We have only tested these with waterbased paints ( and other odd little things like glitter and sequins ).  We have no idea how the empty pots and measures will react to any of the multiple types of solvent based paints and give no guarantees.

What you get in the pack.


Empty Pots and Measures

Empty Pots and Measures

  • 12 pots, 45ml.
  • 12 lids with anti tamper strip (easily removed).
  • 3 Measuring pots (60ml with marks at 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 40 50, and 60ml).
  • 3 mixing sticks (lollipop sticks)
Empty Pots

Empty Pots


The set of empty pots and measures costs £6.99. The bad new is on top of that we need to charge £2.50 for p&p. The good news is, if you would like multiple sets there is no extra P&P, it’s £2.50 no matter how many sets you buy.


We are making a small profit on these and this will go towards keeping both this site and “Craftville” running.

If you would like to see the pots “in action”  please have a look at the video below.


We thing these are useful little pots for all sorts of things. Mixing paints, storing small items (like sequins etc.) and are water proof.

We only have a limited stock of these at the moment, so when they have run out we will need to remove this offer. (Having said that if they did prove remarkably popular we would order some more but they may take a little time to get in).



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