Glass Painting Equipment

Reviews of Glass Painting equipment and products including paints and outliners. All opinions in these reviews are our own unless stated otherwise.

The reviews are the result of using the products under everyday conditions. They are not the result of any scientific or monitored testing.

Pebeo Fantasy Moon Example.

Pebeo Fantasy Moon Review. Paint for Glass.

A Pebeo Fantasy Moon Review in relation to glass painting. We compare it to other glass paints currently available and showcase the effects it can give.

Pebeo Fantasy Prisme Example..

Pebeo Fantasy Prisme Review. Paint for Glass.

A Pebeo Fantasy Prisme Review. We review this paint for Glass Painting but it is a multi surface paint, can be used on everything from canvas to jewelery.

Empty Pots

Empty pots and measures for Sale.

For the first ever we are selling something on the Glass Painting site, Empty pots and measures. This is because we had to over order for our own needs.

A selection of Glass Paints of different types.

Glass Paint ; Different Types.

A look at the different types of glass paint available, waterbased and solvent, thick and flowing etc. Also looks at the more popular brands of each type.

Lefranc and Bourgeois Vitrail Glass Paint. A review.

Lefranc and Bourgeois Vitrail Glass Paint

A review of Lefranc and Bourgeois Vitrail Glass Paint. This is a practicle review showing the paint being used with comments on its' colour properties etc.

Glass Painting Fims, a review.

Glass Painting Films. A Review.

A review of 4 glass painting films, or at least films which could be used in glass painting. 3 are OK, one not so much. Watch the video to see which are OK.

Review of Outliners used in Glass painting.

Outliners used in Glass Painting

Here is our our review of 3 outliners used in glass painting. We tested two form the bottle and then all 3 from a piping bag. All can do pipe and peel work.

Brian Clegg Waterbased Paints

Brian Clegg Waterbased Glass Paints

A review of Brian Clegg Waterbased Glass Paints. They are a runnier paint so can be used as a replacement for solvent based ones. Includes examples.

Marabu Decorglas starter kit

Marabu Glass Paint Starter Set

This is a review of the Marabu Glass Paint Starter Set, containing six waterbased glass paints etc. We tested it out & you can see images of the results.

Colour Shaper Brushes for Glass painting.

Colour Shaper Brushes for Glass Painting

A review of colour shaper brushes when used in glass painting. There are several different makes now available as well as a full range of sizes.

Glass Painting Outliner Review

Glass Painting Outliner Review.

A Glass Painting Outliner Review looking at 3 different types of outliner, also called liquid leading or contour paste. They include Gallery Glass & Anitas

Review of Waterbased Glass Paints.

Review of Waterbased Glass Paints

A Review of Waterbased Glass Paints. These are the thicker type of water based paints used for pipe & peel, windows & by children. Full reviews with pics.