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Glass Painting Facebook Group.

Changes to the site.

Ever since we started a forum many years ago we have had issues with spammers. In the last year or so we have had so many applications to join the forum (mostly we suspect from spammers) that it has made it impossible to manage the forum properly. Unfortunately due to this we have reluctantly decided…

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Front Door with film removed.

Large Glass Painting Project: Part 2

Here is the second blog post on my large glass painting project, the front door. I look at the practicalities of doing it and do further work on the design.

Large Glass Painting Project

Large Glass Painting Project.

Follow me whilst I complete a large glass painting project. We will look at both technical and design issues whilst painting a large panel in a front door.

Fred Aldous Glass Lac

Fred Aldous Glass Lac. End Of Stock.

Fred Aldous Glass Lac will no longer be stocked by Fred Aldous. This is the last stockist we know of for this cellulose based glass paint.

Rescuing glass paints which have gone thick.

Rescuing glass paints. A guide.

A useful blog on Rescuing glass paints if you let them thicken up. How to find out the base and how to use water or thinners to make them usable again.

Glass Painting Gallery

The new blog giving information both about the site and glass painting ingeneral