General Glass Painting Questions

General questions about Glass Painting.

Can I mix my Paints?

In most cases as long as you are using the same brand and type of paint then this should be fine.  In some cases you can even do this between brands if the type/base of the paint is the same. As with all of these things you should be careful and test with a small amount of paint first. That way if it doesn’t work you haven’t wasted too much.

What sort of Paint Brush do you recommend?

Whenever possible I recommend using a sold brush. This is best used for flat and “flood fill” work. The huge benefit is it can be cleaned by one or two wipes so you can use the same brush for all your colours. This is particularly useful when blending and using several colours in quick succession.

For 3D objects and any other time when you don’t have a solid brush. Any high quality one should do. We recommend high quality so the bristles don’t come out into your work.

What’s the problem with outliner in tubes?

Well first of all let me be clear. There is normally nothing wrong with the outliners in tubes, it is the tube itself which is the issue.  Some people may get on well with tubes but I have always found them to be an issue. It is virtually impossible to get an even line, or it is a lot difficult to do it. Also with many of the tubes the outliner doesn’t stop coming out when you stop squeezing.

The method of outlining I prefer most is using a piping bag. This gives you ultimate control.  Next best is a small pliable bottle. I keep 3 of these handy. One with Black outliner, one with silver and one with gold.  They are always ready to touch up a piece of work or make smaller pieces when I don’t want to make up a piping bag.

Which Glass Paint should I use for……….?

There are several different types of glass paint and many brands. We have a short article on this HERE.

Which Thinners should I use?

This depends on two things. Which paint you are using and what you want to do. Remember if you want to make the colour lighter you shouldn’t add thinners, use a clear version of the glass paint instead.

If you do want to make the paint thinner so it will flow better then you should use the thinner recommended and/or supplied by the manufacturer. The same goes for cleaning your brushes. In some cases this may be as simple as using water!

If you want to revive old paint you may want to read this.

Questions About the Site

General questions about glasspainting.co.uk.

Do I have to join the site?

No we have no intention of insisting people join the site, we can’t see the point. People who want to join the site will, those who don’t want to wont. You can read the articles, get the free designs etc without joining.

If you do join you will be able to post in the forum, make comments on posts etc.  We will also be running free draws and offers from time to time which will only be open to site members. We would encourage people to join but not insist 🙂 .

How do I subscribe / unsubscribe to the emails list?

We recommend anyone who is interested in glass painting subscribes to the email list. We don’t send out many emails, only when we have new content to let you know about.  We don’t share these email addresses with anyone else.

Having said that you are free to unsubscribe at any time you wish. It is a automated system.


I can’t sign up to be a member of the site.

Unfortunately we have had to put in place quite stringent “anti-spam” measures  Occasionally real people who want to join get caught up in this. We apologise for this but please understand we don’t want to risk people trying to advertise “naughty stuff” in our forum.

If you do have difficulties please just email me using the email address you want to sign up with and letting me know your choice of Username. I will personally add you and send you the password. I can be reached at admin@glasspainting.co.uk .