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Welcome to the web site with Free Glass Painting Designs, Tutorials, Reviews and "how Tos".

We aim to provide all the information a UK glass painter could need, both on this site directly and by providing links to a wealth of other UK sites with relevant information. We welcome input from other interested people, please feel free to share ideas on the forum and suggest new links or projects. We would particularly encourage people to contribute to the gallery. Visitors to the site really enjoy seeing what Glass Painting others have been doing and we can all learn off each other. Any suggestions can be also be sent via contact us.

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Free Designs.

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Glass Painting is still a popular and growing craft both in the UK and many other countries. You will find stands selling finished glass items at most of the larger craft fairs and there are a growing number of companies supplying the materials, paints and outliners needed in this craft. This site has links to both craft workers and companies. It will even be running a series of "tutorials" on the basic skills needed by the complete beginner and more advanced tutorials and projects for the more advanced glass painter.

Buying Glass Paints

can be more difficult than it first appears. Firstly you need to get the correct paint for the job. There is a huge difference between a waterased pipe and peel (thick) paint and a flowing one.

At one time, or the flowing paints, would would always recommend the solvent ones over the waterbased ones, however the waterbased paints have improved dramatically over the last few years. Now they are (nearly) as good as the solvent one, without is the problems of smell etc that some of the solvent based ones have.

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